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Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council
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19EM01SC19:  Money Matters


Posted Applications Due Start Date End Date Amount MatchPoverty Match Council Staff
Oct 05, 2018 Jan 01, 2019 Dec 31, 2019 $85,000.00 $28,333.33$3,111.11 Leslie Connelly


The Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council (ODDC) will fund a project to improve the economic stability and advancement of people with disabilities by improving their financial literacy. Activities will target people with disabilities, their families, service providers, youth with disabilities, and un/underserved individuals. Components of financial literacy could include, for example: developing a livable budget, looking at current spending, saving while receiving benefits, how to access state and federal benefits, how to maintain state and federal benefits, resources to determine benefits, borrowing money, identity theft, where to keep money, using debit and credit cards, how to protect your money, filing taxes, protecting income and assets, state and federal benefit education, available non-disability related resources and benefits, understanding Medicaid waivers, planning for post-secondary education, stable accounts, financial planning for the future, retirement planning, tools to become more employable allowing for advancement.
ODDC will support activities that build capacity and systemic change through outreach, training, research, technical assistance, supporting and educating communities, interagency collaboration and coordination, demonstration of new approaches, informing policymakers and eliminating barriers, and system design and redesign.
ODDC will provide funding as outlined for each year of the project. Please note this is potentially a three-year project. Proposals should address, if necessary: transportation, accessibility, use of technology, replication, sustainability, if the project reaches entire state or a specific region, cross-disability and cultural diversity.

Additional Requirements

There are no restrictions on the type of entity that may apply for this project.
All sections of DD Suites must be completed. All applications must include three (3) letters of recommendation, the resume of the project director, and the name and addresses of the organization’s board members (if the applicant is an organization with a governing board), proof of non-profit status( if the applicant is a non-profit organization), and a signed copy of the Council’s Federal Assurances form, which will be available on the DD Suite application website. These materials can be uploaded as part of the application submission in DD Suite.


This NOFA is accompanied by several attachments. Please download and review each attachment prior to beginning the grant application process. The attachments include:
State Plan Language - This is a complete description of the project which includes intended outcomes and proposed performance measures.
DD Council Assurances - These assurances must be signed and attached as part of the application submission. Refusal to include a completed DD Council Federal Assurances form will result in the application being removed from consideration.
Grantee Guidelines - This document includes important information about the requirements of a DD Council grantee.


Please note the funding level for the three year project is $85,000/year.

Due date

A complete grant application must be submitted on DD Suites by 11:59 PM on October 5, 2018.


Please contact Leslie Paull at or 614-644-5542.

Supporting Documents