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Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council
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18PP05SC21:  Data and Policy Research Grant


Posted Applications Due Start Date End Date Amount MatchPoverty Match Council Staff
Oct 02, 2020 Jan 01, 2021 Dec 31, 2021 $75,000.00 $25,000.00$8,333.00 Paul Jarvis


The Data and Policy Research Grant is established to support the collection and analysis of data that will provide Council, advocates and policymakers with objective research and findings that promote systemic change and capacity building to improve services and supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Policy Topics

The Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council is seeking a follow up study to the previously released study entitled, "Transportation Challenges for Ohioans with Disabilities." This follow up study will be a look at the challenges identified in the initial study and include a second survey of questions used to determine trend values. Additional questions researchers may want to consider include:

How have transportation programs/services changed since the initial study?
Have any changes resulted in improved or reduced perceptions of the challenges identified in the initial study?
Have any of the issues identified by the initial study been successfully resolved?

Applicants are encouraged to include additional value-based questions not posed here.

A copy of the original study is attached to this Notice of Funds Available.

Minimum Requirements

There are no restrictions on the type of entity that may apply for this project.

All applications must include the resume of the project director, and the name and addresses of the organization's board members (if the applicant is an organization with a governing board), proof of non-profit status (if the applicant is a non-profit organization), and a signed copy of the Council's Assurances form, which is attached. These materials can be uploaded as part of the application submission in DD Suite.

All applications must be submitted by Friday, October 4, 2019.


This NOFA is accompanied by several attachments. Please download and review each attachment prior to beginning the grant application process. The attachments include:

State Plan Language - This is a complete description of the project which includes intended outcomes and proposed performance measures.

DD Council Assurances - These assurances must be signed and attached as part of the application submission. Refusal to include a completed DD Council Assurance form will result in the application being removed from consideration.

Grantee Guidelines - This document includes important information about the requirements of a DD Council grantee.

Transportation Challenges for Ohioans with Disabilities