Notice of Funds Available (RFP)

Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council

18PP05SC19  Data and Policy Research Grant


Posted Applications Due Start Date End Date Amount MatchPoverty Match Council Staff
Jul 23, 2018 Oct 05, 2018 Jan 01, 2019 Dec 31, 2019 $50,000.00 $16,667.00$5,555.00 Paul Jarvis


The Data and Policy Research Grant is established to support the collection and analysis of data that will provide Council, advocates and policymakers with objective research and findings that promote systemic change and capacity building to improve services and supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Policy Topics

The Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council has developed 13 different research topics for applicants to choose from. Applications should be specific to one (1) of the topics and respond to the research questions posed. The research topics and questions for this project include the following:

i) Health & Wellness
Question(s): How aggressively are we addressing the health and wellness needs of people with developmental disabilities? Is there corresponding impact on student performance based on the lack of, or appropriate availability of, proper health and wellness services and supports to children with developmental disabilities?

ii) Boards & Commissions
Question(s): What are effective strategies for getting people with disabilities to serve on boards and commissions. Where are opportunities? Who is supporting these efforts?

iii) Bullying
Question(s): Does bullying impact the ability of an individual to become a leader? How does bullying impact people with disabilities? Are people with disabilities bullied at a greater rate than their non-disabled peers? If they are bullied, does this affect their ability to become leaders? Does bullying impact a person with disabilities’ ability to lead a self-determined life?

iv) Digital Divide
Question(s): Does lack of access to the Internet have an impact on health outcomes? Are there regional or cultural impacts related to the lack of Internet or the availability of extremely slow Internet speeds? How do literacy rates affect health outcomes or health access?

v) Nominating Process
Question(s): What are the barriers of the nominating process of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council? Does the nominating process result in the loss of potential applicants due to reliance on reading or understanding text? Are there auditory challenges? What other barriers might exist?

vi) Challenging Behaviors
Question(s): Does the data show inequities in expulsions for children with disabilities who exhibit challenging behaviors? Is there data that illustrates racial inequalities related to expulsion or law enforcement interventions? What are the long-term impacts of law enforcement interventions in schools or classrooms where appropriate coping mechanisms are not followed?

vii) Inclusion In & Out of Classroom
Question(s): What are the educational outcomes of children with disabilities related to the type of school attended? Are outcomes improved for children on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) who attend a public school, a private school, a charter school or a county board of developmental disabilities school?

viii) Pathways to Employment
Question(s): Is there an effective pathway to employment or a career for people with disabilities? What does the data show for types of disabilities and higher or lower success rates of employment? What data is available on the longevity or retention of employment of individuals with disabilities and what does the data show? What are the services or supports provided to youth or families prior to the age of 14 that lead to better employment outcomes?

ix) Community Integration
Question(s): What are the home-buying options for people with disabilities? What kind of supports are effective at assisting individuals with disabilities to own their own home? How do economic limits required to participate in government programs and services impact the ability of individuals with disabilities to own a home? Do economic restrictions limit home ownership to neighborhoods with higher crime rates?

x) Economic Power
Question(s): What is the purchasing power of people with developmental disabilities? What is the purchasing power of families of individuals with developmental disabilities? Can a study show the overall economic impact that individuals with developmental disabilities have or may have based on growth in employment options and earning potential? Are there barriers for people with disabilities and family members to obtain credit?

xi) Marriage Penalty
Question(s): How does marriage impact the availability or level of programs and services if a person with a disability marries either another person with a disability (eligible individual) or a person without a disability (non-eligible individual)? Are there incentives or benefits for individuals with developmental disabilities to remain single? Are there incentives or benefits to the government (i.e. in natural supports) to allow eligible individuals to maintain benefits when they marry?

xii) Assistive Technology – Digital Divide
Question(s): What are the best practices for eliminating the digital divide for people with developmental disabilities? What is the connectivity percentage for Ohioans with disabilities? How are people with disabilities accessing information when they need it? Is reliance on digital technology for information and other purposes creating barriers for individuals with disabilities?

Minimum Requirements

There are no restrictions on the type of entity that may apply for this project.

All applications must include the resume of the project director, and the name and addresses of the organization's board members (if the applicant is an organization with a governing board), proof of non-profit status (if the applicant is a non-profit organization), and a signed copy of the Council's Assurances form, which is attached. These materials can be uploaded as part of the application submission in DD Suite.


This NOFA is accompanied by several attachments. Please download and review each attachment prior to beginning the grant application process. The attachments include:

State Plan Language - This is a complete description of the project which includes intended outcomes and proposed performance measures.

DD Council Assurances - These assurances must be signed and attached as part of the application submission. Refusal to include a completed DD Council Assurance form will result in the application being removed from consideration.

Grantee Guidelines - This document includes important information about the requirements of a DD Council grantee.